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About Bloomwell Family Chiropractic

Our Mission

Dr. Scott and CarlyAt Bloomwell Family Chiropractic, we want to see our growing community thrive. We are honored to partner with the families of Upstate South Carolina as they pursue health, healing and a vibrant life.

Dr. Scott Elliott and his wife Carly, our practice manager and nutritional therapist, strive to create a warm, friendly atmosphere where everyone feels like family—and is treated like family!

Our History

After graduating from Life University in 2002, Dr. Scott practiced in Idaho. When he and Carly decided to move to the East Coast to be closer to their parents, they fell in love with the Greenville area and opened their practice here in 2022. It already feels like home, and they are delighted to serve their new community.

Hope Is Possible

We want to give you hope that there can be answers. A life free from nervous system interference can allow you to experience freedom and abundance—you can be your own superhero! Our job is to guide you on that journey.

One of our favorite success stories is about a boy who suffered with night terrors, migraines, anxiety and other health issues. He’d gotten chiropractic care in the past, but only as a palliative approach to temporarily alleviate symptoms. We studied his scans and identified the underlying cause of his issue, and cared for him accordingly. As a teen now, this practice member is passionate about maintaining his newfound health and wants to become a chiropractor himself to help others live their best lives.

Live Well. Be Well. Get Well.

Our approach to care is not a bandage, nor a quick fix. We take the time to analyze your nervous system to determine the root cause of the symptoms you’re experiencing. Then we address those areas, restoring balance and calm to your nervous system so that it can adapt to daily life optimally, the way it was designed to. We strive to educate practice members that chiropractic care is a lifestyle that can help them live up to their highest potentials.

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