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Bloomwell Family Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Fountain Inn Patients Say

At Bloomwell Family Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Very Grateful

At first, I was hesitant to add yet another appointment to our already busy schedule, but eventually we decide to try chiropractic for a daughter with a ASD as a compliment to all the therapies and medication we were already trying. Since starting her regular adjustments with Dr. Elliott her scans are looking much better and at home we are seeing decreased meltdowns and headaches and increased verbal expression. Even on days when her behavior is more challenging Dr. Elliott does such a great job engaging during her appointments, helping her feel safe and making the process fun. We’re very grateful!

I have suffered from migraines for decades I can last up to a week at a time. I had other chiropractors in the past when things got really bad with lackluster results, but I’m so happy I decided to give Dr. Elliott’s office a try. Anytime I come in with a headache I feel better soon after my adjustment (if it’s not already done before I walk out of the office!) I appreciate how mild the player technique adjustment is without any extreme cracking and popping and how they always fit me in when I need an appointment. It’s great to know when I’m suffering relief as soon on the way!

Couldn’t Believe the Difference

Dr Elliot is amazing and so good with kids. Our son’s hands were purple when he was born and the Drs and nurses kept telling me it was normal and it can take time for the circulatory system to finish developing. Around 2 weeks old we took him to see Dr Elliot for an adjustment and within a half hour his hands were pink and warm to the touch. Even my husband who was skeptical about chiropractic care for young children couldn’t believe the difference!!!

We have noticed improved mood and sleeping for our children as well when they have regular chiropractic care.

Truly Cares About His Patients

I started seeing Dr. Scott Elliott about three years ago, after seeing several doctors and specialists that said nothing was wrong with me. I was experiencing vertigo, migraines, anxiety and many other symptoms. I was unable to function in my everyday life. He quick discovered issues with my neck due to an accident in my teens that would cause these exact symptoms. I followed his plan to get better and have been utilizing his wellness services ever since. It has changed my quality of life. I am now able to drive, take care of my family and am symptom free. He was also able to help my son after a recent care accident. Dr. Elliot truly cares about his patients. He has been a blessing to our family.

Change & Relief

Chiropractic care is an integral part of our family’s wellness. I have struggled with back pain for most of my life. Without chiropractic, specifically upper cervical care, I would not be able to maintain the physical health I have now. As a mom I have used chiropractic care for my children as both preventative care and treatment. My oldest son has suffered from night terrors, allergies, headaches and anxiety since birth. After working with Dr. Elliott my son no longer has night terrors and his anxiety, allergies and headaches are almost non-existent. What a relief and blessing after 13 ear to traditional medicine and no relief. The change in my son and the relief he feels is so extreme that now wants to become a chiropractor! We could not be more grateful for the care that Dr. Elliot has given our family.

Keeps Me Functioning Well

I have been a patient of Dr Elliot’s for several years. I have chronic neck problems from an old injury and am very careful who works on me. He uses a breakaway table for adjustments which is very effective and pain free. He’s kept me functioning well. I highly recommend him.

I Feel Privileged

I have been a patient of Dr Elliot for over 3 years. He has been a great dr, keeping my old & well used body moving! I feel privileged to know him.

Attentive and Gentle

I highly recommend Dr. Elliott! He is an excellent chiropractor. Very attentive and gentle. I have been a patient of Dr. Elliott’s for several years.

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